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"Lesson number one: You are a genius. And I am saying you are, not as a complement but as a matter of fact. All people are. Each and every one of us is perfectly talented at something." "So how do I know what is my talent?" "Its simple. Ask yourself what is it, that you are never happy with the way it is now. That you can always see how it could be made better. This restlessness, its your talent struggling to come out." "So why does it have to be such a struggle?" "It doesn't have to be. There is another option." "Which is?" "Lot's and lot's of hard work. You see, dear Bethsee, the difference between raw talent and the perfected talent of an artist, is that an artist is capable, trough all the effort that it takes to be one, to keep an open channel to this inner cosmos that we call genius. What the artist gets in return is a certain knowledge of what life is really all about. That is the thing which we call, happiness." "So if I hate my life its because..." "Because you are being idle. That's right" Bethsabee felt like an electric surge went through her. "I want to be your patron", she said. "My what?" "Your patron. Like... Like Queen Mary is the patron of the Royal Academy!" "My dear, this is America!" "OK, so let's not call it that. But you could use a larger studio, right?" "I could" "And how about we will go on a tour? A tour all over the country, and maybe even to Europe?" "Well, if we go on a tour, then I may or may not need a patron, but I will certainly need a wardrobe mistress..." "I will be your wardrobe mistress..."
@orenshani7 This story has been making me think about my time as a dancer a lot, and what I know about the history of dance. Been enjoying it a lot!
I love the very first piece of dialogue most: for we are all geniuses, when set to the right task and tune.
I like the use of dialogue here. I'm not good at writing it, but this reads very naturally