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it's been a while to upload. from now on, i'll post blogs everyday!:) 1-2. decided to go to Taxim street, so that i took a tram from KARAKOY 3-7. Not only on the street of Taxim but also of whole ISTANBUL, Can we meet lots of paintings for selling. they are so cheap but beautiful 8-9. Taxim consists of lots or narrow streets, which looks like usual EUROPE street i'd met in SPAIN or PORTUGAL 10. there were many graffiti arts on walls of streets. "Plz enjoy my stories. i am a vagabond from South Korea:) after finishing turkey story, i'll upload Spain storty as well!! 'Follow' is always welcome! And my instagram id is vagabondTKKK"
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This sight is beautiful clear sky blue water people enjoy the weather! It's not cold is it???? Anyway it looks good