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McDonald's: Super Bowl XLIX Pay With Lovin'
I am not sure what I would do if I am chosen with my fam! I think I really would cry if they ask me to pay by telling my mom just how much she means to me. Because she does mean that much. I love this idea, and hope it becomes one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever!
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When I was working at Starbucks, we had a Random Actors of Kindness campaign similar to this where we did projects like putting extra change into parking meters that already expired, passing out candy canes on the train, or using a certain register code to surprise random customers with free drinks. I think they called it 'surprise and delight marketing'. I sort of like McDonald's approach more though!
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Between this and Winston's voicemaill, I can feel that wrench in my throat. And it's not my Stella McCartney plexiglass necklace either.
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