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@redridergirl It's very easy to know the difference in terms of Football and American Football actually, I was just talking in terms of the communities this card was posted in mate.
Cute, true, hilarious and sad all at the same time! @Goyo Cute pic! True because the real losers the football deflaters still got to play in the the SuperBowl? How does that not get resolved before being allowed into the SuperBowl? Hilarious and sad because they will never live it down and sad because the better team lost due to some idiotic last play! I mean omg fire the dude for that play call! Oh and @spudsy2061 who would know the difference since football as alot of us know it is football not soccer because soccer is soccer not football! It will probably work in all sports and football categories as who doesn't get this joke! Be it football or football no one wants to play with or lose to a deflated football or football! Much less lose to them due to a bad coaching call! Ah sports such fun!
@Goyo Hey mate. You posted this in Football (aka soccer, association football). Would this not be better directed at the American Football community?