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I am absolutely obsessed with this collection and wanted to share my favorite looks. This collection is strongly based off of the natural world, taking us from a garden filled with flowers to the stars in the sky. I have always loved Valentino's gowns more than the multiple piece looks. What is your favorite? You can see the full collection here:
Definitely too sheer for me!
Dress #2 and Dress #8 seem like it didn't belong in this collection.
@alise I kind of like the sheer design. In fact, I think it's more difficult to embroider the design because you have to be really delicate! However, I do agree that some of the dress could be more sophisticated if they have more coverage. In my opinion, whatever a woman wear, their undergarment should never be exposed.
Not saying the design looks horrible, but for the price shouldn't it be less sheer? Sometimes I feel like high-end designers are ripping us off with fabric.