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Let Valentino Dress You for Valentine's Day
Let's be realistic, there is no way I can afford to even touch a Valentino creation, but a girl can dream right? I recently posted about my obsession with the Pre-Fall 2015 collection that was debuted by Valentino and I'm back to throw more couture at you!! This time, these are Valentine's Day looks which are all red and pink heavy with a lot of spunk! Personally, I think the gown is glorious but realistically I'll probably just recreate the cardigan look... I am head over heels in love (no pun intended) with the strappy heart sandals some of the models are rocking. In. Love. Anyone wearing some daring red next Saturday?
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I also had my eyes on the strappy sandals. None of the pieces here are actually my style but I do like the heart sweater. It looks very cozy!
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These are way too red and V-day themed for me but I can admire the dress LOL!
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I love the dress in the 4th picture. It's a little Bohemian.
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