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Four more days to go before I MISS YOU!
Oh my... we will definitely miss this drama once it ends... having great actors in one drama is a big thing... it will definitely move a lot of hearts. I wonder how the story goes.... sooo excited!
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did you stocked any tissues yet for this drama...? i did... this is a melodrama so, we'll just have to get ready coz it will definitely bring us to tears...lol
me i'm going to watch it near the sink because tissue roll isn't enough for the tears to be shed... Every time I watch these 3 actors crying can't help but cry also.... the emotions it just felt so real..;; even the young casts..
at first i thought it would be a romance drama..not much teary if not much comic.. but now i've stocked tissues..prepared buckets... and got a punching bag too! am i missing anything? oh yes... a dagger!
hahaha..i'll put mt towel behind me just in case i can't control myself to cries so just grab...