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I wasn't going to do this challenge because well...who can pick favorites?! D: But, I did so anyway (: 1. BigBang- Blue I loveeee this song. Who doesn't love this song?! It's hard not to love every song of theirs. This also takes care of GD, TOP, Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung as individual artists XD 2. Epik High- Born Hater I have so many favorites among their music so I'm going with my most current favorite (: Does anyone else have a problem listening to this song without bobbing their head? Lol 3. Winner- Color Ring I honestly loved their entire album. I became a fan so fast. I can't believe I hadn't seen the mv for this before posting. Woops XD 4. 2NE1- It Hurts I loved BigBang before 2NE1. This was the first song I heard of theirs. It's so good! I fell in love with their voices and their mv second. I very much like videos like these. <3 Shortly after, my love for them spiraled out of control lol 5. Beenzino- Aqua Man I could listen to this song all day and not get tired of it. Love the vibe. 6. F(x)- Butterfly My absolute favorite of theirs! So good! 7. K.Will- Love Blossom I don't think I could pick a favorite of his so I picked a random song (: I love this man's voice! What a gift! 8. Super Junior- Mr. Simple I had a hard time deciding between this and Evanesce. I just love Suju. They still got it! XD 9. 2Bic- Don't Know Her Just recently got into their music and wowwww.. they deserve to be on my list! Beautiful voices. Go ahead, give it a listen. You won't regret it (; *Had to type this twice because Vingle lied to me when it said it saved as draft );
Where do I even start? I mean the YG power in this list is, almost too much for me XD and "Butterfly" is currently my favourite F(x) song ^^ K. Will's voice is incredible as is his music, Beenzino is one of my favourite rappers, Mr. Simple was the first Super Junior song I heard, and I also love 2Bic, this is perfect, thanks @aabxo :D oh and Vingle has done that to me before also :'(
Yes to every single song on this list.
Ohhhh girl @aabxo Blue<333 I couldn't make room for it. This challenge was no joke! Your list is great tho. 2Bic are incredibly talented. I had a song of theirs in my korean music library and to this day I dunno the name of the song which is terrible I know....but I love that song and id know it if i heard it lol.
Ohhhh my goodness, I almost put the same exact 2NE1 song on my list! I love that song!!
Oh WOW I just can't!!!! Ah Bigbang, Epik High, Beenzino, K.Will, Winner, and 2NE1!! It's too much!! What are you trying to do to me Angie!!! Lol XD
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