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It's starting to feel like February when you notice a whole bunch of heart-filled cards on Vingle. In addition, to all the other Valentine related cards, here's a shoe clip tutorial to make your heart skip a beat. :) Materials: Red felt fabric Single strand sequins Hot glue sticks Clip-on earring backs Instructions: 1. Draw your heart on felt and carefully cut the four hearts out of the fabric. 2. Pair up two of the hearts and carefully sandwich together using your hot glue gun and glue, being careful to match up the edges. 3. Adding a small amount of glue at a time, begin fastening the sequin strand to the outer edges of the heart. Add more glue as you go. 4. Once you have a perimeter of sequins, continue gluing the strand inward until the entire heart is covered. Carefully snip the end and fasten with a dab of glue. 5. Once the glue has cooled completely, flip the heart over and fasten an earring clip-on to the back with a dab of hot glue. Repeat the steps to complete a matching heart. 6. Repeat the steps to complete a matching heart. Clip to shoes and watch your footsteps sparkle!
I love the look but I don't know if I can pull off those heart-shaped pumps.
These are so cute!
@stargaze make a pair of slippers! That's what I'm doing instead of pumps.
I have the PERFECT black heels for this!!!
I can think of so many ways to use the sequin heart clip-on.