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BYNON & Domeno feat. Alice Berg - Golden Hearts (Dannic Edit) [OUT NOW!]

대닉의 신곡이네요! 아름다운 후로그.. BYNON & Domeno feat. Alice Berg - Golden Hearts (Dannic Edit) OUT NOW! Subscribe Revealed TV now! → Join us on Facebook → From Revealed staple favourites bringing productions that are so ground-shaking they cannot be restrained by geographical borders, nor often pinned to one single genre, as 2015 proves to be the year that keeps on giving in the Revealed Recordings camp, Dannic’s edit of BYNON & Domeno’s ‘Golden Hearts’, is yet another that possesses the midas touch. Domeno is known to fans of the imprint for his anthemic outputs including ‘Titan’ and ‘Science’, the latter of which cast a spell over the Summer season, not only featuring in huge live sets but also taking a coveted position on Revealed ‘s first ‘Festival EP’ back in June. Now, coming together with chart-climbing, show-slaying talent BYNON for ‘Golden Hearts’, its militant-style march beat, tightly-wound ascent into the melodic and centre-stage vocal, thanks to Swedish songstress Alice Berg providing the perfect missing piece, Dannic’s brand new edit delivers a hugely progressive track. Receiving support from names including W&W and Dada Life, along with airplay on both #HardwellOnAir and Dannic’s #FrontOfHouse radio shows, this ‘Golden Hearts’ edit is set to gild the Winter in metallic madness, as it readies to storm not only the upper rankings of the Beatport charts but also stamp its undeniable appeal across many live sets to come. For more info:
bynon all the way 들보세여 상당하드라구여
바이논이라 읽는 저놈 노래 여즘 좋드라구여
아름답다는 말이 참 잘어울리는듯..
@minbumkim9 전 project 46이랑한 Eyes 엄청 들었엇네요ㅋㅋ
@atrak79 네ㅠㅠ너무좋은곡 인거 같아요ㅠ
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