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Sweethearts: Kpop Valentine's Playlist

This is going to be a lot different from my first love song playlist ( This Valentine's Day I wanted to share 9 of my favorite songs that are lovey-dovey and cute, and just make me feel super happy :) Here they are: Henry: 1-4-3 I have loved Henry since I first say him and his little violin in Super Junior's Don't Don music video. When I first heard his solo stuff I was blown away and so, so happy for him. This song never fails to brighten my day! Taeyang: Super Star One of my favorite songs off of Taeyang's first solo album! Just try listening to the chorus while staying in a bad can't! Electro Boyz: Ma Boy 2 I really liked the original 'Ma Boy' but I love this version much more because of the fast tempo and hip hop style. I don't really like any other ElectroBoyz song, but this one is one of my favorite Kpop songs! Infinite: Man in Love Everything about this entire Infinite era makes me get this huge smile on my face. This song is too cute for words! MR.MR: My Girl This is such a simple and sweet track that reminds me of summer. My Girl is one of my favorite tracks off their album :) IU: Good Day I love the IU looks as awkward and nervous as I do around my crush. This song and dance is so great and trying to hit her three high notes is always a hilarious experience. Rainbow: Sunshine This song gets stuck in your head so fast - and the beat just brightens up your mood! Wonder Girls: Be My Baby Confession - I learned this entire dance. So fun! VIXX: What To Do Honestly, one of the catchiest and most fun VIXX songs in existence. Just check out the lyrics!
(Also that Taeyang album is the best.)
Very cute playlist! I have that Vixx song stuck in my head now lol. Henry wrecks my bias list....that boy is so cute and crazy talented<3 if the violin comes out I ditch my bias list for a few hours and only henry exists....sorry T.O.P and YB :( awwwe I actually like Electro Boyz....haha but I'm glad you like this song.
How is it possible that there is a song featuring Hyorin that I hadn't heard before... I loved Ma Boy 2!!! wish I'd heard it earlier before I spent the rest of my iTunes money :/
Love it!!
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