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Hey guys. Sorry I went MIA for a week or so, I got grounded from my phone XD While I was gone, I went to my local shop and got some new trucks! I upgraded to the Caliber 2 44s. They feel suuuuper nice and just feel better, almost hard to explain. Put some mini zombies on that baby (which i might like better than orangatang..?) and shred. When I went out to try them, I did a coleman or two, and are having some issues. I kick it out and initiate well, but once I hit 90 degrees, the board stops, flips, and bucks me forward. How can I fix that? Secondly, I got new trucks because my Caliber 1s bent (see picture four). Am i just kinda going psycho, or are those trucks really actually bent and how bad is that for your riding? THANKS GUYS, GLAD TO BE BACK!
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all caliber hangers look bent the axles are straight though. it's more than likely the wheels, or speed. either or just keep trying
3 years ago·Reply
Hopefully thats all it is. The wheels dont look flat when they are on it though. We will see what happens i guess, ill just keep riding them
3 years ago·Reply
if the calibers are actually bent just contact caliber trucks and see what they can do considering you just got those trucks
3 years ago·Reply
I got blue Caliber 2 44's. Testing them out tomorrow@IsaacPaulR
3 years ago·Reply
They are a dream, youl love them @BenKnopp
3 years ago·Reply