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If your colored hair is lightening (fading to yellow/orange) you can actually tone it with this trick! Ingredients: - 2 1/2 Cups Vinegar - 1/8 teaspoon Purple Food Coloring. You can mix blue & red food coloring to make purple but make sure you use more blue than red. If your purple food coloring is reddish you can add blue to it as well. You want a violet purple color. (Or if you are a redhead and want to bring the punch back into your color use red food coloring!) Preparation: Before using the rinse test it on a small piece of hair and adjust the amount of food coloring depending on how it looks on the strand If you have more brassiness you may need more color or vise versa.The recipe could vary a fair amount with more porous hair types needing much less coloring. Directions: After your conditioning take your rinse and pour it down your hair. Massage it in to evenly distribute. Rinse with water.
does this actually work?? cuzz I don't want my hair looking purple!!
do you have to use purple or is it optional
@Crystal143 Yes it works and it won't turn your hair purple. Food coloring is not a strong hair dying ingredient. It'll only prevent your hair color from fading.
I've heard of people lightening their hair color with home remedies, but never heard of darkening!
My color-restoring shampoos do a good job at keeping my color from fading but do a horrible job at actually cleaning my hair and scalp. Maybe now I can shampoo like normal and then worry about toning after I've already washed my hair.
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