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"Take Responsabilty for it!" Says Yigak to Bak-ha, who tried to run away! I can't believe how cool she's acting after he just found her "I LOVE U" text msg >< Now they're both walking together to Bak-ha's Mom's house, who just called her. They look very akward XD He waits outside. Bak-ha's mom found Yigak's phone, that's supposed to be Lost, according to Taemu. Hmm..There's a photo of 2 on the screen that's broken. Yuchun seems to have realized something at last. What's Going on? >< Oh no! Cute Chisan has a terrible stomach! Everyone goes to see him at the hospital, even Sena. Bak-ha sees her and gets insecure around Yigak again. Yigak noticed that. Senna Sort of took care of Sena of course, has a lot going on in her head. Back to the Chisan's hospital, everyone is surrounding Chisan, who seems depressed:"As this pain was getting stronger, i thought i'd die before being able to return Home. To our Times." Suddenly Bak-ha comes in with food:"Here. Im leaving now." Yigak tells her he's coming with her, despite that tense mood between the two. They're both at the bus station. He gets on the bus, looks back, she's not coming. Back home, He tries calling her, she doesn't answer. He gets so worried that he just goes out running around their neighborhood looking for her everywhere. Funny thing is, she's waiting for him XD His healthy color comes back to his face when he sees her. He gives all kind of excuses about he's not home this late..JUST TELL HER YOU WENT CRAZY OUT OF WORRYING ABOUT HER >O< Both of them are inside now, he shows her this beautiful plant, and how to take care of it:"Just in case i won't be around" Oh he hinting about..Goodbye? She's shocked, tries to avoid his eyes and leaves BUT he grabs her hand:" Do you..Really Love me?" OMG! Bak-ha:" actually read the text message and pretended all day not to know anything?" Then Yigak continued:"Dont. Don't Love Me". What a heart break >< The next day, Yigak takes the broken phone to get fixed. The phone had shocking surprises: Photos of Actualyl Yigak? with Taemu. What's disturbing about it is the Date the photos were taken! Taemoo said that they never got to meet when Yigak was in the states. Apparently it NOT TRUE. The Death/Killing scenario starts forming in his head. At this bar, he's with Taemu:" Let me tell u about a story of two pple who were supposed to meet, but then because of another person, they couldn't. And it's making me ..MAD" Yigak added:" About the time i was supposed to go to the starting to get clearer memories you know" Taemu's face suddenly went white out of fear."Did we meet or not?" Taemu then quickly replies him:"Are you mad?". Things are quickly escalading between the Two >< ******* It's clear now to Taemu that Yigak may know the Key to his deep dark secret. Later, Yigak calls out Bak-ha, gives her medicine for her health, but she hates this:"Why do you keep acting this sweet if you're not even into me?" Suddenly, he makes her sit and tells her everything from the second Bak-ha of the PAst til the moment he got to present times. He tells her that everything is rewriting itself. History made back then, the people he lost back then, all the answers are here. The reason he had this freak incident of traveling time is now clear to him. Senna later calls Yigak, to ask something.."MARRY ME" What?? OMG i can't believe she just said that! And he's Already sitting with everyone and the elders planning!! Taemu quickly gets the news! He runs to Senna:"Are u crazy? i will never allow you to do that!" says Taemu to Senna! Yigak comes out suddenly out of no where, sees the 2. After that Bak-ha drinks with her mum, who tells her everything about Senna's marriage plans, she gets wasted and comes home, only to find Yigak there. He spent the whole time thinking of the two of them, their old memories. Next day, while Bak-ha and one the guys is working in the Warehouse, a freak accident happens!! There's an electricity line that's going crazy, sparks everywhere. Bak-ha is alone inside! Stuck!! He can't her out of there! OH NO She's stuck in the FIRE! Yigak finally gets a call about the accident!!He's running towards where she is!!The warehouse door is opened at last, so much smoke! No chance anyone survives this! Suddenly, YIGAK GOES INSIDE!! ******* "Bak-ah Ya~ Bak-ah Ya~" He screams on top of his lungs for her! She can hears him..She can sees him..But can't utter a sound >< END
thanks a lot for the live recap.
ep 11 will break our hearts.
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