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So my friend finally found this. And according to this we aren't allowed at parks but neither are bicycles but cops don't care about them and most of the time they don't care about us skating at parks either. Also of course no commercial or business property without consent. But when it comes to riding in the street we are fine as long as we aren't endangering anyone or hindering traffic. We can ride in the streets. Boom lawyered. It's not like I'm going to stop riding at parks or parking lots though.
@IsaacPaulR honestly it took us a long time to look them up. You type in your city, state municipal codes. It will be somewhere in that. Try under vehicles or bicycles. For me it was under some title than chapter than section.
Yeah it varies from city to city but at least I know it's legal to ride in the streets and they can't say anything about it.
That may be for your city, my law says play vehicles and bikes aren't under it.
It's not going to stop me from skating anywhere I want but at least if they try to something I know the law so I can be like well we are in the street and the law says we can be in the street
Word same here but I almost got arrested on Super Bowl night for skating in my local parking lot
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