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These look so awesome can't wait to try them out I got them from zumiez and before you say anything let me tell you the story so I found an iPhone 4 took the time to take off the password and restore and then factory unlock it so then I posted it on fb for sale In a group so I got an offer for 115 and I'm like ok let's meet up so I waited an hour and 20 for the girl to show up and she shows up with her dad and then her dad has the nerve to tell me to lower the price at that point I was just really mad and tired so I'm like give me an offer he's like 60 and I say at least give me 70 I waited a long time for the money and unlocked it for you and he's like it's not worth it and I'm like fine just give the damn 60 so I was pretty mad I couldn't see straight so I head down to zumiez and with my luck the wheels were 65 and I'm like fuck so Ik people at that zumiez and they're cool with me so this one dude was like what's wrong bro and I told him the story and he's like ok here's 5$ go buy them and I'm holy shit you're for real and he's like yup skater gotta help each other out and I trust you that you'll pay me back he is awesome I can't wait to try these
I'm not from a city that has a subway, so maybe my world is different than yours, but you stole that phone and that's shitty
these wheels are actually pretty nice haha. super smooth ride and really grippy. they refuse to slide. I love mine
Steam rollers because I'm gonna get in to more high speed stuff with my evo when I get one and plus I haven't done good dh in a while and I wanna go faster than all my friends just because @steezster
Why steam rollers lmao
eh those types of stories I'd keep off these boards bro
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