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Looking at @rebecca55's card about funny Valentine's ( I started to search for a few of my own. I found a collection of nerdy Valentine's that are perfect for dorky couples with a great sense of humor. My personal favorite has got to be the acute triangle :) To find out where to buy these (though making your own would be just as sweet) you can follow the link I provided!
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@marshalledgar Thought I'd be thrilled if you could just get these at Hallmark because I want all of them, right now!
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@ChristinaBryce Actually, Target has a HUGE selection of cards. Quirky fun cards similar to these. But my favorite place to get cards is at Paper Source. None of it is mainstream. Fun designs. etc.
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I LOVE the naturally I select you!
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I'm reading these all in Zooey Deschanel's corny joke voice.
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"Naturally I Select You" made me giggle-snort.
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