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I know I am being a total kook here, but im stressing out. I know that some gashes are fine in a street truck, but these are for downhill, and I am worried it is gonna screw me over bad. These are brand new so of course I am cautious. I was sliding but I gripped up and hit a curb dead on. Are gashes this bad and right by the pivot cup and on the center bad? Should I do something to fix it? Thanks guys, you guys are awesome for dealing with me lol.
I agree with @drlizardo, they're trash now man. I'll give you $5 to scrap them for you!
@AlbertDeCastro I can only do a few tricks but I was wondering because I want to learn more tricks and work on tricks. @ThtYoungElwoodJ that's messed up
uh I'll go 6.50!
oh yeah those are toast now they will explode without warning like a Spinal Tap drummer
Dude it's fine just a knick
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