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Daily Dose of Writing
Let out your inner child! February 3, 2015 Write an advertisement selling a candy you would like to have now, or when you were a kid. Be as descriptive as possible! (Your own creation) February 1, 2015 Write a discussion between two young 7-year olds on what the source of happiness is. January 30, 2015 Write a short alternate ending to a book you've read. The only rule is that this ending cannot end in happily ever after. January 28, 2015 Write out the moments of a police officer on his daily route just a few minutes before a terrorist attack.
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When I unwrapped it, red and green foil crinkling loud, my son looked at me and promptly rolled his eyes. "Dad," he said, "seriously? That's such an old person candy. Don't get old on me now." I still popped it into my mouth, and smiled, simply replying that I've loved them since I've been a boy much younger than he.
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@greggr Those strawberry candies? I love those!!!! I knew it right when you mentioned the foil.
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@hikaymm Glad it was clear. I love those! Why must they be the mark of my age?
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