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While you could blame your restless nights on that late-afternoon cup of coffee, there might be other players in the game! Think about how many times you roll over to check your phone, with that bright screen glaring in your face. It does more than make your pupils get smaller - it messes with your sleep schedule! Recent research out of Brigham and Women's Hospital found that light-emitting e-readers (be it a tablet or a phone) 2 hours before bedtime can seriously affect not only sleep, but your overall health. In the study, participants who read on an iPad four hours before bed took longer to fall asleep and were less sleepy in the evening, yet were sleepier and less alert in the morning (even after eight hours of sleep). Try reading an actual book to unwind before bed -- and reserve your room for a truly restful night!
My problem is my tablet. I read books on it, even though I know I should be using an off-screen (aka REAL) book...
I turned my phone off last night and it was actually one of the first nights I slept through to my alarm!
It's harder than it sounds!! I am so attached to my phone :(
@sjeanyoon yeah my problem is that my phone is also my alarm clock so I can't get rid of it completely :/
I really need to work on this :(
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