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Due to the ease of fast-fashion to debut knockoffs of designer items even before it hits the market, runway designers are changing their craftsmanship concept making it more difficult to replicate. Wall Street Journal has reported designers are deciding to focus on crafting custom high-quality fabrics, making it impossible to faking handmade metallic lace and embroidered fabrics. If you ever wonder why you've been seeing crazy embroidery on the runway, you now know the reason behind it. This is to prevent mass production of designer limited items. Do you think this would actually make a difference in the fashion industry?
Honesty, in my opinion fashion design is an area where originality doesn't exist. Designers are inspired by one another and sometimes it overlaps.
Is that why I've been seeing a lot of crazy embroider and sheer design from the runway? a
@stargaze I know what yo mean, but high-end designers aim for luxury and art over practicality.
I usually find runway design not practical. It's nice as a piece of art, but I can't imagine myself in them on a normal day or formal event. Unless, it's a specific-themed party. Either way, the price is way too expensive for a normal girl (like myself) to afford it.