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It's pretty obvious that stress is no good for our health (mental, physical, emotional!) but something we often fail to look at is the positive side of stress and how we can drive our thoughts to see that side!! Eustress, aka "good stress," means the healthy responses a person can have to any given form of stress. Distress, the opposite, is responsible for the physical, mental and emotional problems we try so hard to avoid. Our reaction to stressful situations are all the same i the beginning. Our blood can beat faster and our brain's thoughts starts going on all directions. The moment we feel that we have lost control, though, is when the harmful effects of stress begin. Instead of hitting that point and letting the bad stress drag you down, consider these six simple steps to grab a hold of your stress and spin it in a positive way. 1. Be honest about your self-talk. Think about how you take in stress and how you approach situations initially. Listen without judgment to that little voice in your head so that you can you begin to understand where your natural responses. Then you can work on replaces that voice with a more motivational one to help you through whatever is troubling you. 2. Catch it before it starts. Your body is going to react to stress - it's natural! The good news is, if you're able to go into the moment with some sort of mental calm, you'll be able to clear out the stress faster. 3. Reframe challenges as opportunities. This little mental trick sets you up for success. Rather than viewing your daily dose of stress as a roadblock or dead end, accept the challenge! 4. Think about what works -- and what doesn't -- for you. Everyone has different stress triggers. Just like the first step (take note of your inner voice) you need to take note of what situations are giving you the biggest stress moments. Try your best to avoid these situations and if they are unavoidable, prepare for them accordingly by knowing how you will naturally react. 5. Change up your surroundings. Without stress or pressure, good changes would never be made. That being said, too much stress is no good! Consider making lifestyle changes that would help reduce the amount of "bad" stress in your life automatically - even if they are big changes (new job, new diet, new friends) 6. Ask for help. No one is expecting you to get through all the crazy things that life can throw at you alone. Reach out for help when you need it. Be if from a friend, a support group, a coworker, or a doctor. There are people ready to listen and to help.
i deal with stress in everyday life it will become natural with people who deals with it frequently makes them stronger mentally
It's really all about perspective. Approaching a problem in a positive way is the only way to get through it.
#3 is the perfect tip. It's all about your mentality!
For me stress is a total motivator! It makes me work even harder, I'm a fan of pressure :)
I really like number three. After you get over the shock of whatever is causing your stress you should like, okay so moving forward, what does this mean?
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