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On Facebook, Twitter, etc, there is definitely such a thing as sharing too much. But when it comes to losing weight, sharing could be the secret to your success! A Northwestern University study found that those who were actively part of certain online communities lost a higher percentage of body weight compared to users who didn't use it as much. The research was based on people who joined a site called, which is a forum and an online weight loss journal. Every participant in the study could remain anonymous, so the researchers only had access to the age, gender, height, initial weight and time-stamped activities. They monitored members' weigh-ins, friend requests and community engagement, but didn't read any of the actual conversations between users. In the end of the study, researchers found that the users who were more engaged were far more likely to achieve their weight loss goals. The most active users lost more than 8 percent of their body weight in a six month period. The least active users, those with the fewest online friends and social interactions, lost around 5 percent of their body weight in the same span of time. It's all about motivation and support - two things I am happy to say you can find in our Fitness community here :)
@noorkhlil I think the point of @GetFitwithAmy's card is that you should still go to the gym, but people who talk about their gym process with people especially online see faster weight loss!
*hugs my vingle friends*
@caricakes same - i dont like talking about it with 'real' people but an app always motivates me
Having someone hold you accountable for your goals is so important in weight loss journeys!
@nokcha i will try to do that when i find someone to talk to
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