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I've been seeing @TrevorGoldley's posts about getting his dog ready for hiking on the trail with him, and not sure what reflective vest to get, so I thought I'd share this tutorial I found. Basically you can just take a only reflective vest and recycle it into 1 or 2 dog vests! You need to shape the coat to the dog's back end with darts in order to keep it in place. Where the darts are placed and how many you need depends on the dog's shape. Sometimes one in the center back in the last third of the seam before the tail end is enough, it seems. Maybe play around with a vest cut out of some throw away fabric to get it right before you try it on your vests. Enjoy!
@fallingwater That's a good idea. If you can't get it sewn in a way that it'll sew down you'll need to do something like that or it'll just flap around far too much. @treedweller And very good for areas where people may be hunting, too.
Good thing to have so you, and everybody else, can see your dog coming. It can help prevent a lot of accidents.
Great idea! You could even add straps that cross underneath the body to keep ti in place, too.
@happyrock Indeed! It's great if you have a vest sitting around. You an alwys add more reflective tape too just purchase some and sew it on
Woah! Cool idea. Very cheap and very simple, too.