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The online world can be harsh. There are many more bullies in life when they can hide behind a computer screen. In order to combat this, this week marks the start of the Smile Petition! As Kid President (one of my favorite YouTube stars) so perfectly puts it: Negativity is contagious - but so is smiling! Coca Cola has teamed up with various celebs to share the #MakeItHappy campaign, an effort to flood out the negativity online with affirmative posts and genuine happiness. All they ask is for you to take a photo of yourself, upload it to whatever social media account your comfortable with, and post it with the hashtag. I also included an Affirmation Challenge that is absolutely hilarious. Try this with your friends, family, and better yet - coworkers! Spread the positivity! Check out what's happening on Twitter! And remember, if you're worried about how you look when you're smiling, you're doing it wrong.
What a cute campaign! I love KP's little dance. As for the second video, I'm HORRIBLE at taking compliments. I'd be horrible at this.
Kid President is always awesome :)
This is so great! I love Jenna Marbles' reaction to all the kind words haha