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This video shows the most dangerous part of the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii, mostly dangerous because of the thin area you have to walk on along a steep cliff that drops into the ocean below. Kalalau trail itself is not that difficult, overall, and can be done by expert hikers in a day, or, in two days for most other hikers. There are two legal camping areas along the trail (you need a permit to camp at them, and to go to certain areas of the trail) but it's really a nice, enjoyable hike. It's an 11 mile trek, one way, to Kalalau beach where you can camp for up to 5 consecutive nights, and is quite a sight. There are 3 stream crossings which can rise and fall very rapidly, and there are also narrow portions, especially after Hanakoa (which you can see int he video!) Unless you have a severe fear of heights, it is not too bad as the trail is level and solid. However before you reach crawler's ledge, you must negotiate a rather long set of switchbacks. This section could be very treacherous, especially when it has rained heavily as the trail turns into a mudslide, so make sure to be careful. Stay steady on the trail by using trekking poles, wearing deep-lugged shoes, and loading heavy items at the bottom of your pack to lower your center of gravity. Stay out of streams when it’s raining, since debris jams can burst and release a sudden wall of water on hikers downstream!
@yakwithalan I'm not sure there is, but the ledge areas are nicknamed "crawler's ledge" because you can crawl to be more stable!
Also, just noticed, those two dudes jumping in the last picture are so brave!!
Doesn't look too bad to me--is there a way around it for those that are too afraid? @happyrock I'd like to go there but I'm not sure if those I would take with me would enjoy it in the same way.
This looks seriously incredible.
Looks like a beautiful hike!!! What's the beach at the end of the trail like!
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