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Hey guys. I want to start shredding some serious hills, but all of them are main roads, so I have to first learn how to stop pretty efficiently. This is what I have so far. Don't worry, it will become quicker and more in a straight line, but what I am worried about is flatspots. If I keep practicing like this, will i get them? I know that slides like this can cause them to, which I DON'T want. Thanks guys!
I wouldn't pendy going that slow cause you wheels will stop
Lol i know this sounds so stupid, but tips for not grabbing rail? I feel super sketched out and unstable whenever i try @steezster
Seconded @mannith's point
Lean back more haha. Get a good setup carve into it, throw your hand up and go for it. Try going a little slower at first, but you should get it pretty fast
Thanks man!(: one day ill be as good as you, one day(; so if i want to do a pendy, do i just gotta get more speed?
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