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Cosplay (Selfie MV Parody)
I love this! There are so many things that cosplayers really do say (especially when it comes to talking about photos of cosplays!) and this video managers to be funny about it, taking "lemme post a selfie" and changing it to "lemme post a cosplay. Let this be a reminder to us all to NOT get so worked up about it: just have fun cosplaying!
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@somnia Right? i was so impressed!! it was smart to kind of put out a casting call for nice selfies from cosplayers, he got a lot to work it!
3 years ago·Reply
smh.....welp. That's a thing.
3 years ago·Reply
@amog32 Good or bad? lol
3 years ago·Reply
oh my god who even thought of this lol okk
3 years ago·Reply
@vulpix I'm going to remain neutral on this.
3 years ago·Reply