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News broke today that QPR manager Harry Redknapp has resigned from his position at the helm of Queens Park Rangers. Redknapp stated that the imminent knee surgery he requires means that he is unable to manage the club to the fullest of his abilities and that the time is right to let someone else take the helm. While the manager has been in need of knee surgery, the timing of his resignation is very poor and has left some to question over a possible row with owner Tony Fernandes that led to the breakdown of transfer negotiations during the deadline day on Monday. QPR must now scramble to find a new manager to help improve their away form, while stilling managing to take points at home in order to fight against relegation. QPR currently sit in 19th.
@CitySarajevo I think he put it off in the summer in order to focus on the QPR job so yes he does need it but I think it's being used more as an out than anything else.
I wonder if he really needs that knee operation.