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Here's a fabulous nail design that includes the 2015 pantone color of the year! As usual, prep your nails with a base coat. Then Apply 2 coats of light Marsala nail polish on each nail. After your nails dry, attach striping tape as pictured. Then paint each nail with the darker Marsala nail polish. Carefully remove the striping tape with tweezers. Repeat this step on all nails. When all nails are done, apply 2 coats of a top coat and you’re finished!
Is that special nail striping tape or can I use that blue tape for house painting lol
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@sophiamor You can use either!
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I usually don't wear purple or dark nail polish but I'm starting to change my mind because of this nail design! It doesn't look old at old.
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*old at all
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I have the same OPI purple polish!
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