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If you recently purchase extensions, here's a trick to style your ponytail and have it look natural. Prepping The trick is to begin by sectioning off a piece of hair at the crown of your head. Clip it up and out of the way using a sectioning clip for now, and then create a small, thin ponytail underneath. Fasten your mini pony into place with a hair tie. Adding On 1. Take your extension and wrap it around your mini pony, using the clips to fasten it into place. 2. Grab a three-clip hair extension weft and wrap it around the top of your ponytail, clipping it into place as you go. 3. Take a two-clip hair extension weft, flip your ponytail up, and clip it underneath. Finishing Let down the section of hair your clipped up brush your lock and smooth it out. Then, gather your hair into a ponytail ( with your extension-wrapped ponytail in the centre). Tie your pony off with a hair ti and you're done!
Sounds like something @Charissacasii and @fairybaker would be interested in!
@AvocadoLove From my experience, it depends on what type of extensions you're using.
Would the extensions give your head too much weight?
I love long ponytails - I'm still so mad I cut my hair ughhhhhhhhh