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Looking for a way to perfect your blowout at home? Here's a tutorial for frizz-free voluminous hair! Prepping: Start with washed, cleaned and damp hair. Then apply heat protect spray and start sectioning off 2-3 inch sections (depending on hair roller size). Drying: Take out one section and begin blow drying with a boar bristle brush to help dry all the hair. Then wrap your hair around a hair roller and secure it with a bobby pin. Continue doing this to each section. Setting: Spray with hairspray and let the rollers set for about 10-15 minutes before taking them out. Finishing: Gently unclip one section at a time. Then apply a small amount of shine serum to get rid of any frizziness the rollers may have caused. Then shake out your hair and you're done!
This is actually a neat trick to give your hair that extra volume (without the puffiness).
I'll steal a couple of my mom's rollers for this. ;)
Oh Wow...I haven't seen rollers in a long time!
The end result is really pretty. It doesn't look like it took too much effort.
I just saw a feature in Vogue about how the big rollers are coming back in style for that awesome blown out look :)