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...and then he got arrested. Though the headlines might make you think it was because he paid in $1 bills, it was actually because he caused a scene after he was asked to leave. Now, should he have been asked to leave? I don't think so. While he may be an asshole for trying to make a point about his $600 tax bill by folding up each individual $1 bill, that doesn't mean the tax office can refuse to accept it. If the people there simply didn't want to accept it so they told him to leave, and he refused, I can see why: he should be able to pay with any form of our currency! It's not illegal! Anyways, interesting story for sure. Don't go trying to pay your taxes in origami money this year, you hear? (Note: Dollar pictured is not how he folded them. Picture of his face is how he looks).
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about time
@Goyo Just what I was thinking lol. Imagine how angry they would have been about coins. But I gues they could have used a coin counter then.
@yakwithalan How would it take 6 minutes? I don't get it.
*able to fold those!
This is bizarre. I love that the article quotes the person as saying they were ruining their efficiency.....meanwhile they were claiming it was taking SIX minutes to unfold each bill.....uhhhh.He wouldn't have been
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