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So I've been in Colorado working the xgames and now the Skiing Intl. till the 14th and I couldn't bring my board and I couldn't be more bummed! I've been working a lot so I haven't been on here but I got some gnarly xgames footy on a borrowed gopro I took! So anyways I can't skate so I need one person to kickflip their longboard and confirm it in the comments below. It'd make me feel a whole lot better. Some standies and 360 slides would also be greatly appreciated. Hug your boards, you may miss them tomorrow! :(.........
In Colorado and can't hit those mountain runs, I feel sorry for you
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That's a shame.
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@ApolloSkating It's too icy and wet but these would be some gnarly runs up here in Vail! Too gnar for me fsho!
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so lucky I live here
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