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Adam Silver is pushing for the US to open sports betting. And this would absolutely revolutionize the sport. It will no longer be a game, rather just another thing where people would make money (or most likely lose it). Silver believes that opening the NBA, and other sports, to betting would actually help sports because it would help regulate betting that is already happening. He believes that if regulated, the leagues would benefit financially and ethically. Leagues would have the ability to monitor any irregular betting patterns that would indicate that there are some games that are being influenced. Is that really true? Financially, there is no doubt that this would aid the league. Ethically? There is no way that is true. Attending games would become more about checking on your investment. Kids would be taught to not only love their team for sake of pride, but because they can make them money. Financially, it makes complete sense. Ethically... I leave that to your thoughts
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There's betting in other nations in terms of football, rugby, and cricket. The only real serious problems have been in cricket but the punishment for the crimes has always been hefty (the last case being between 3 members or the Pakistani team, who all got 5 years jail time). Betting is a free right of society, and betting on games should be legal. There's ethical questions yes but that didn't stop players like Pete Rose, a player who has yet to be inducted into the Hall of Fame (because they are blocking him) and yet players like Barry Bonds and Rodger Clemens, who have used performance enhancing drugs, are in Cooperstown.
Silver looks like a snake. And like he aint never picked up a ball in his life