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When 200 million gallons of oil were spilled in the Gulf in 2010, about 10 million gallons were seemingly "missing" from clean up efforts: it couldn't be found. Now, scientists, say, it has been found: and it's been sitting at the bottom of the Gulf causing more problems. Just how did that oil get there? A lot of people are saying it is due to the use of corexit as a dispersant to get rid of the oil. But it was just to get the oil of out of the public eye: it actual just helped the oil sink to the sea floor, where the mixture (which is 52 times more toxic than just oil) has been sitting, barely degrading, and getting into our food chains. Corexit makes the mixture able to go through skin and really damage not only fish and other ocean creatures, but it's been harming the humans who worked in it as well, such as some divers, and those living in highly affected coastal regions. Why is it that even in a time of such great environmental damage, it was politics that won out? There were no real sanctions made against them. The environment was not put first during cleanup. Why is that ok?
@drwhat @amog32 I think we can all just agree that something is wrong, and it needs fixe.d
@drwhat Unfortunately that is the norm.
@amog32 True, but who let them do that? How is it so easy to just pay your way out of any wrong?
@drwhat There was a lot of money already lost, a lot more to be lost, and everyone involved wanted OUT of some of the blame as fast as possible, I think.
How were people ok with that much oil just "disappearing" when everything else had at least been accounted for?
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