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And so another air tragedy has happened in Asia. Perhaps it's simply because of the larger (maybe...) number of small carriers that exist in the area, but it hasn't been a good few months for aviation in Asia, particularly not in South East Asia. TransAsia is popular for it's low prices and has only 20 planes in its fleet, which regularly fly from Taiwan to mainland China and to parts of Southeast Asia. The flight had 58 passengers (5 of those crew) on board when it crashed, killing at least 8 and trapping more people inside the plane after it hit a river. Check out the shocking video of the plane clipping a bridge before crashing. This once again begs the question: are we doing too little to improve aviation safety as provided by these small airlines? Of course, they're not the only ones to have problems, but they're becoming more and more common. TransAsia also faced a big crash last year, in which 48 people died. When will aviation take a turn for the positive?
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My condolences to everyone affected by this.
Sad to hear indeed. I hope that the malfunction can be recognized so that other planes in this fleet and others can be checked out properly.
A tragedy; condolences to all lost in the event. That video is absolutely terrifying. I heard there were videos from inside the plane as well, but have not yet seen them.