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Ok guys: Starbucks wants us to fall in love! With the help of, Starbucks is working to set up the World’s Largest Starbucks Date on February 13!! You'll be able to use the "Meet at Starbucks" feature on to meet up with your crush at the nearest Starbucks! The stores will have special $5 menu pairings you can try out, and also some cool fun extras like photo props that allow couples to capture their date and in-store playlists to set the mood! This will be happening at Starbucks stores in the US, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, China and South Korea, so make sure to meet up with your crush at Starbucks on February 13th to join the fun!
@DaniaChicago I bet that happened!!
@redridergirl Thanks!!! You tooo xoxo~!! @DaniaChicago It would be fun to watch who's meeting up, especially since it'll be a lot of their first time's meeting. I wonder how many people will talk to the wrong person haha
I actually hope that true love comes of the starbucks date night. Could you imagine if a wedding came of it? OMG! So sweet! <3
I wonder how many people will be eyeing the person at the next table instead of the person in front of them.
Ohhh.. my god. I have no idea how I would even feel about this. The idea of meeting up with someone at Starbucks only to have them turn on some in-store mood music for us is making me blush already!
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