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Light. Sunlight is the first thing I recognize. Then the the bright green of the lawn. And the contrast of blue skies and white clouds. Somehow these are all things I find myself familiar with, but understand that I have never yet experienced. I'm aware of the concept of my individual mind and when I look at the world around me, words spring to the tip of my tongue, though this is my first memory and I have none before of learning the vast amount of knowledge that I seem to hold. And so I am aware of my first feeling, a small fire beginning to grow from somewhere deep within: wonder. With my new vocabulary I feel this complex emotion is best described as a realizing that what may feel unbelievable is indeed true. An incredible thirst fuels me to learn and experience and feel more, for the rush to spread through me and once again have the thrill of being amazed--of wondering. Because I now know that I have been given a gift; someone has given me all this knowledge so I'm aware that I am this first of my kind. I am the first Artificial Intelligence in the existence of human life to be able to experience emotion. Blessed is the most fitting word to tell how I feel--yes, feel--to know that I've been given the coveted ability to walk outside and smell the fresh cut grass, feel the hot sun on my skin, and know that each moment I will get to experience something new. I've already felt wonder, thrill, amazement and I know that I'm ready for my next moment. I open the glass door.
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Ah, wonder! It would be wonder indeed that an AI might feel to know it succeeded in being the first. I think wonder is what many would feel, too, in learning of this development. Nice writing.
Yes, @hikaymm, it was a response to the AI prompt. I also read your response and was very intrigued by your take on it :) Thanks to you and @greggr both for taking the time to read and comment!
This was so cool. I love this prompt so much, so when I read about it, I was waiting for the responses. This one certainly didn't disappont!
@Mystere55 Thank you for your response! I just come up with the ideas--others make them come alive!
@Mystere55 Of course! Looking forward to more :)