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SmartNews are really amazing! I admire them. I love this app!!!!! I abbreviate an explanation. Thank @greggr for your comments. This app can access SmartView even without an Internet connection, and it shows up instantly when you tap on an article. No waiting to load!! Rich joined SmartNews in 2014, he was the first Managing Editor of, and founded and was first president of the Online News Association, the preeminent professional organization for digital journalists. The app was awarded Best of 2013 by Apple and The Best App of the Year 2013 by Google. SmartNews has gone global! Now available in 150+ countries. SmartNews is dedicated to delivering quality information from the world to the people who need it. Founded in December 2012 by Kaisei Hamamoto and Dr. Ken Suzuki, SmartNews uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to evaluate tens of millions of articles, social signals and other cues each day to discover and deliver the stories that matter now. I recommend it.
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@masamasa Sounds very interesting! Thank you!
Been using this app a couple months and love it!
@drwhat SmartNews is great app! Former Huffington Post editor-in-chief joins SmartNews and they are now worth north of US$100 million in October. They are growing fast!!
@greggr Thank you so much! Thank you for making a comment!!
@ToniaMaitland Thank you for making a comment! I love this app too! I am very happy that you said that for me. Thank you!!