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From afar this look identical to a twisted crown braid. The only difference is it's created from short hair! Yes, short hair ladies, you can sport an updo without extensions. :) Instructions: First, curl your hair! Then put on a headband and pin into place. Starting from the front, begin twisting and tucking sections of hair up and over the headband. It's start looking like a crown. Just continue with this method and make sure you fill in any gaps. Tip: If you have very short hair in the back, use your comb to hold the hair in place while you blast with hairspray. Seal the style with hairspray!
My mom actually has hair this length and she's always complaining that she can't do anything with it. I'm sending this to her!!
I tried this on my bestie who had short hair and I tease the crown to give an illusion that it's made from long hair!
It looks a little plain but if you can easily complete the look with flowers!