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Actually yesterday, my friend got tickets for trade premiere of a wolfboy !!!! To be specific, our seats are second line !!!!! I saw him in real !!!! And even my friend's seat number were picked !!! So she had a chance to hug with Song joong gi and Park bo young ...I really envy her... even now...ㅜnㅜ
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congrats girl.
5 years ago·Reply
you are so lucky..and your friend luckier *wiping tears*
5 years ago·Reply
oh my heart I‘m gonna have a heart attack why on earth this world is unfair ehhhh i really want to see him you lucky girl ...your friend is lucker ohh 2nd line ..so envy ....i really envy you and envy your friends more congrats girl
5 years ago·Reply
i love you!!
5 years ago·Reply
awesome!!!! congrats ^^ is he tall in real life? :)
5 years ago·Reply