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1-2. as an usual EU street, this TAXIM was also a ground for street artists. one of different things is that their music was so misterious and curious for me..! in short, feels like i am in some temple? haha. But it was so beautiful scene! 3-5. the most memorable cafe i'd met in TURKEY. I don;t know why, but that painting on the wall makes the cafe perfect i think. it was so attractive a place that i can't forget! 6-7. a beautiful building for religion. maybe it was a cathedral. 8. the coolest artist i've met in my life on the street. i have a clip video of these guys, i'll upload soon!. 9-10. sky was blue. the sun was shiny. it was so beautiful day. TAXIM, so fascinating!!! "Plz enjoy my stories. i am a vagabond from South Korea:) after finishing turkey story, i'll upload Spain storty as well!! 'Follow' is always welcome! And my instagram id is vagabondTKKK"
i really wanna go and visit turkey! i started following your collections :)!
So where are you now ????
@rachelykim thanks!! i hope you to go there someday:) it was so amazing-!