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The meaning of FourFive Seconds tells what Rihanna's going through as a star. Continually being interviewed. Critics pry on any heartfelt word she says. She counts the days till she can finish tours and head back home. Later on in the song, she apologizes for sounding "selfish," but at least she's being sincere. Her point is she's sick of it all. Talent, money, fame and good looks haven't bought her happiness. She's still looking for how to find happiness again. What do you think of the message? Is it well delivered? Does it shed a different perspective on Rihanna?
I was kind of avoiding this because the collaboration of these three sounded all sorts of cringe-worthy, but this isn't too shabby!
I am really digging these Kanye West/Paul McCartney collabs!
Whoa this was not what I was expecting from either of them! The stripped down style helps reflect the honesty of the lyrics. I love this!