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Thank you!!!!! Mother nature has gifted me a warm day!!

Well, out of all the 30° days we've been is in the 50's! So I decided "Why not break the new Calli's in?" They ride like a complete dream, and it only took me a minute to get them where I like them......if only it was like this everyday:/ (Spring, please come faster)
It's warm but I got to babysit my sister till someone gets home from work and than I get to go ride.
Man i told you! They just feel good, almost hard to describe. They just do what you want them to all the time. Smooth too. @BenKnopp
Darn didn't get to go riding. Spring needs to hurry up
I can't agree more.. warmth needs to hurry itself!
surf rodz have to be my favourite.for down hill and free ride.but not every one has the money to pay 100 or more for a pair of trucks. Hell I don't I just borrowed a friends and fell in love
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