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Hey guys, I have some things I want to get rid of on eBay. Selling for relatively cheap, message me here or on eBay if you want more info. Jet Revolver 8/10 Jet Double Agent 9.5/10 Paris V2 180mm Hot Pink 9.5/10 Paris 180mm Black 10/10 Sector 9 Butterballs 8.5/10 Paris V2 43° Baseplates White 9/10 Randal RII Hangers Black 9.5/10 If you guys pm me your Vingle names on eBay if you happened to be the highest bidder, I'll pay you back 10% of the final price on any 1 Item. That's a 10% discount on already cheap stuff. Here's the link if you're interested: Thanks for reading guys, stay steezy.
I'll see def want the Octo and pink trucks
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You're not done longboarding are you? :'(
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@ThtYoungElwoodJ haha nope. Just trying to slim up my quiver a bit
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@nsbdude Thanks for the interest man. There's only 1 day left to place your bids; they're gonna be gone soon!
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