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An awesome hack if you want every lip color MAC has to offer. Supplies: Coconut Oil Crayola Crayons Jewelry or tool organizer Pot of water Small glass bowl Instructions: 1. Grab a crayon and cut it about one inch from the tip. 2. Remove the paper wrap from the crayon tip you cut. 3. Place a small glass bowl in a pot full of water (but not overflowing) set in low-med temperature. 4. Depending on your lipstick finish - use 1/2 tsp of coconut oil for sheer and 1/4 tsp of coconut oil for matte finish per inch of crayon. 5. Place the crayon tip and desire amount of coconut oil in the glass bowl. 6. Once they fused together pour it in your jewelry tray!
It sounds like a fun project but I wouldn't use it as a replacement for a normal lipstick, just because it's made of paraffin wax.
omg! I'm surely gonna give this a try! soo excited about it! :)
I'm skeptical about this ONLY because of the scent of crayons. He leans in to kiss you and all of a sudden he smells crayons. Unless the coconut oil masks it. I don't know.
I tried this and not any of them worked xP
Also works with any food oil or vaseline I made some today :)
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