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Merida from Disney's Brave is such a fun character, but her hair is absolutely out of control!!! I love it, and it's beautiful, but you have to have a seriously high quality wig to replicate that splendor. And, of course, there are cosplayers that have managed to do it! The key I think is to A) get a nice rich orange/red that really glows and B) get one that has NOT FRIZZY ringlets! While I'm sure frizzy would be the reality of Merida, her hair doesn't look frizzy in the movie so your shouldn't either. Anyways, check out these amazing girls' cosplay wigs! 1: (this one is totally hand dyed, cut and curled!!! It looks like a crazy process but she outlines it here: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
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I just browsed the first girls blog post about how she made the wig and WOW. That is a lot of work, but I think he curls look the most natural (and beautiful) of all hte wigs so it totally paid off.
It probably has something to do with the distance, but I can't tell that #4 is a wig in that photo.
@vulpix definitely! It was really beautiful, at the end of ti all. @amog32 It does look really great. I'm actually not sure if that ones a wig or not, but it probably is considering how clean the curls look.
The sixth photo is so, so, stunning!