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While I love really beautiful, accurate cosplays of characters I love, I also love cool reimaginations of those characters. Think gender bent versions. Or, adult versions of teen characters. Or, this character in a different series' world. They're just really new and fun to see! One that I've been seeing a lot of lately is Elsa reimaginations!!! I already loveeee the look of Elsa cosplays, but these just take it to a different level that can be really fun, too. Check them out! Elsa cosplays Jack Frost, and he cosplays Elsa! I love this pairing (sorry, can't help it!) so it was really funny to see this mashup! ( Armored Elsa: This cosplayer (Aspen Cosplay) put together an "armored" version of Elsa that takes her ice and snow powers and turns them into the armor that she wears! Absolutely stunning, and it looks very realistic to be worn by the character, so I love it even more! ( Sailor Elsa is cute, too!! Taking on the idea of Sailor Moon, there have been a lot of "disney princess" sailor moon mashup imaginations, and this one is great, too! I like how her blue fits the look, and her headpiece is great. I can't find her cosplay profile, so if anyone knows her, let me know!
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kudos to those who embrace cosplay: imagination, community, passion, comradarie, creativity. ..
@marshalledgar This community's got everything, right? :P
heck yeah! It's great! @vulpix
too funny
@Cofjn I know!! I love it lol