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I've seen a couple of you talk about this hair product and there seems to be a mix of good and bad experience, so I'm doing a review to share what hair type it's best suitable for. The basic of this cleansing conditioner - It's bubble-free so you don't "lather" like your normal shampoo. As the name suggest it's a shampoo/conditioner in one but I would say it leans more towards a conditioner. What's great about this product? - Smells great! (I have both the cucumber and almond mint) - Leaves your hair smooth and nourishes split ends - Tames fly-aways and frizz - Sulfate-free and vegan-friendly - Protects color-treated and chemical-treated hair. - Gently enough for daily use This cleansing conditioner is best for: - Dry, damage hair - Naturally textured/curly hair I wouldn't suggest people that have oily hair use this as a shampoo because your hair would not feel as clean. In addition, this might cause white flakes to form. However, it'll be a good leave-in-hair conditioner for hair-ends.
It is also loaded with it basically. wraps a coat of wax around your hair, that's what causes the flaking. It also makes it almost impossible for bleach or color to penetrate. Take it from someone who learned the hard and expensive way.
I love this product, the smell is wonderful. I also tend to use it as a conditioner only and have other options for shampoo
I've tried this and I rather stick with home remedies hair masks. The reason: (1) It's cheaper...this bottle cost $32. (2) I have all the ingredients in my cabinet (3) It works just as well or even better.
I've tried this last year and while it didn't replace my normal shampoo, it's a good conditioner.
I actually saw this the other day and thought about trying it out. Thanks for the review!